Electro Tech Machining offers custom aluminum and extrusion castings services including canisters, runout tables, flight bars, casting rings and mixing and degassing components.

  • Canisters – We manufacture graphite canisters 3″ to 15″ diameter up to 72″ long.   The canisters are wrapped in 22 gauge galvanized steel to protect the carbon from chipping and breakage.


  • Runout Tables – Manufacture runout tables and flight bars for use in extrusion cooling.

  • Casting Rings – Manufacture casting rings for all aluminum casting processes.  Rings are made to precise tolerances and can be made from several premium graphite grades.


  • Degassing Products – Vacuum degassing products which remove contaminant gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen which may be detrimental to the integrity of the metal. ETM offers degassing items such as shafts, rotors, and stators in untreated graphite grades to premium oxidation-resistant coated graphite grades.